Monday, November 23, 2009


This perfectly sums up Sunday....more to come

Truesport purposely taking related things out of their website?

I found this curious. I have noticed that has not been listing next to the names of their sponsored riders on the results. I now have proof that they are going out of their way to make sure there is no mention of Bikereg anywhere on their website. (both and are race registration websites). I have friends who ride for and am personally shocked that truesport would do this. Check this out.

The Elite Masters race also saw an exciting finish as Mike McShane (Calistoga Racing Team), Don Galligher (DRT Consulting) and Fred Rose kept things tight the entire race. Gallagher again did some good work on the front and looked like he might be able to challenge McShane with a sprint, something he couldn't do yesterday. With a couple laps to go, as they reached the top of the steps in a Galligher – McShane – Rose order, Rose decided to attack. He cut to the inside as he dropped his bike to the pavement preparing to mount and gave McShane a friendly push into the bushes. That surely instilled a little extra motivation in McShane, who doesn’t take kindly to being pushed around as he is almost always the smallest guy out there. As they came into the final barriers with McShane leading, it appeared to be over with Galligher and Rose left to battle for 2nd. Galligher slid out and hit the turf leaving the 2nd place spot and Indiana State Championship to Rose.

This is the writeup on Notice how there is no sponsor name next to Fred Rose's name.

Now here is the same writeup (the original) from CXmagazine.

The Elite Masters race also saw an exciting finish as Mike McShane (Calistoga Racing Team), Don Galligher (DRT Consulting) and Fred Rose ( kept things tight the entire race. Gallagher again did some good work on the front and looked like he might be able to challenge McShane with a sprint, something he couldn’t do yesterday. With a couple laps to go, as they reached the top of the steps in a Galligher – McShane – Rose order, Rose decided to attack. He cut to the inside as he dropped his bike to the pavement preparing to mount and gave McShane a friendly push into the bushes. That surely instilled a little extra motivation in McShane, who doesn’t take kindly to being pushed around as he is almost always the smallest guy out there. As they came into the final barriers with McShane leading, it appeared to be over with Galligher and Rose left to battle for 2nd. Galligher slid out and hit the turf leaving the 2nd place spot and Indiana State Championship to Rose.

Notice next to Fred's name. This means that they went out of their way to edit the writeup. I am shocked and consider this quite petty. None of us are doing this because it makes us rich. However, we are all lucky enough to have sponsors who are gracious enough to help us out however they can. All they ask in return is a little bit of face time for their company or product. I find this just weird. Everyone deserves equal treatment and it is totally unnecessary to remove a sponsor because they may or not be a rival company.

Also, if you notice there are no pictures of Fred in the sequence of photos. I am sure Truesport sponsored athletes would feel the same way if Bikereg removed their sponsor from the results or race description.

Why can't we all just get along. Life is too short to be petty especially when we are all going to races and giving our all for the respect of our peers and a sense of achievement.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ventured to suburban Cincy last week. The course was an absolute mud fest. I had to dismount three times a lap plus two barriers for a total of five. I still need to polish my mud skills. I was making far too many mistakes and faded to fifth. I do not like losing to people I know that I am stronger than. It just goes to show you that it does not matter how strong you are if you are not technically sound. I need to get as many races under my belt as possible so that I can continue to improve. However, this might prove difficult seeing as the legs are beginning to feel the effects of so much racing this year. No big deal though I need to get my head around it and soldier on and finish out the year strong.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overdue Update

Thought I would update while I had a second. As everyone knows Bloomingcross was a couple of weeks ago and it went very well. The course was fast and no one fell off the bridges. :) I got a front row call up but managed to botch the start and went into the 180 about 6th and could not get clear until towards the end of the first lap. However, by this tim Mitchell Kersting had managed to build a little gap that I would sadly never close. The legs did not feel as good the did in Cinci but I still rode well and rolled in 2nd. Hopefully I can take down one of the remaining OVCX races.

Next was the USGP in Louisville. I was once again doing the 2/3 events before I man up and do the UCI races next year. I did not feel so hot and was truthfully feeling burnt out and unmotivated. It did not help that I had to leave super early to get there in time for my 10 o'clock race. The weather was chilly and the course had super-glue like mud everywhere. It robbed me of my power advantage which I was counting on because I felt flat. However, I was lucky enough to win Day 1 thanks to a call up. Andrew Dillman got 2nd. This kid is a balla!! He is 15 and gave me everything I could handle. If he can stay motivated he is going places. Big props to him. Day 2 I did not get a call up and was starting very far back. The legs felt terrible and I never saw the leader. I got up to 2nd but wrecked trying to get free. I ended up fourth. Guess who won?!...Dillman! Like I said this kid is going places. He rode away from 120 guys. He started near the front but I will never take anything away from him. Good luck to him and I look forward to following his progress. I took it easy this week in preparation for Gun Club cross here in about 14 hrs. Hopefully the legs wake up and I can go for that top podium spot.

Random thought.

Several people have pointed out to me that the proposed Senate Health Care bill will pay for abortions. How they have managed to take a several hundred page document and condense it to one ridiculous point is beyond me. So what, would you rather have the kid raised in foster care because the parent does not want it. You talk about having to pay for this bill, who do you think would have to pay to keep this kid in the foster system? Another thing, it amazes me that more often than not people who are anti-abortion and PRO-LIFE are also pro death penalty. People are awesome. I do not think this country has ever been so polarized and I believe it is because people are being misled by those they elected to represent them; on both sides of the aisle. Just my thoughts.

Have a good one and remember to think for yourself. Don't believe everything you seen on that T.V.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harbin Park Photo Dump

Thanks to Caitlin for all of the awesome Pictures.:) Also thanks to Jeffrey Jakucyk.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Victory at Last!!

I ventured to Cincy this weekend for the 2nd and 3rd days of the UCI festival with high hopes and expectations. I got there early on Saturday so that I had plenty of time to dial both bikes and to prevent any disasters like the previous week in Louisville. I got plenty of pre riding in and with the long pavement sections, I knew that course would offer plenty of opportunities to rail it and hopefully move up from my back row starting position. Fortunately everyone moved far left in preparation for the right hander onto the grass. I seized the opportunity and moved up the right, chopped some people in the corner and was 8th by the time we got onto the course! Nice! I rode hard and caught the leaders, and decided to leave them early and go it on my own. I had it pretty comfortably and then dropped and chain with 1 1/2 to go. I immediately thought, "NOT AGAIN!" I managed to get it back on and only get passed by second place I quickly caught him and went on to grab the W! Although I did not get to salute because I thought I had another lap, It did not matter. The victory was so sweet and a long time coming. It felt awesome. I was really excited and looking forward to Sunday. I had my sights set on a repeat. I even got some awesome Challenge Grifo clinchers for my efforts.

Day #2 (Harbin Park)

I was excited to start Sundays race but was also nervous, and felt that if I did not win then the weekend would be a disappointment. I am a little hard on myself, but after the dry spell I was hungry for as many victories as possible. I was once again in the back row and grew worried when I saw the guy who got second the day before on the front row. I knew I was going to have to go balls to the wall and get to the front before he had a chance to build too much of a lead. The first couple corners were a clusterf%$k. People were stopping and dismounting and I was literally running over people to get to the front. Luckily there was a very long, false flat up to the finish line and I was able to pass a ton of people to get near the front before the sand. However, Roberson (2nd place from Saturday) had a nice lead on everyone. I was riding myself inside out and almost thought the gap was too big to close. I wrecked on lap 2 in front of Rodkey because I was simply out of control. I needed to compose myself and close the gap. I got to the leader with 3 to go rode with him for a lap, waiting for him to make a mistake. He dropped a chain in the sand and I went for it. I built a comfortable lead and then endo'ed into the sand the last time through and he was on my ass. I went as hard as I could and was free and clear. I won for the second day in a row making it a clean sweep for NUVO in the 2/3 events. I even had time for a sweet salute :). Hopefully pics to come. It was an incredible weekend.
However, it did not end well. Unfortunately both Ryan Knapp and Mike Sherer broke their collarbones in the elite UCI race with Knapp's coming in the final sprint. He got up and walked across the line to finish 11th showing some real courage. I can't wait for you both to get back out there. Heal up fast so you can finish the season as strongly as you started it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

B Bike

So I am officially hooked on this cross thing. I just got a B bike. This will prove helpful if I ever have another emergency mechanical during staging. I am pretty stoked and can officially say I am obsessed with crossin.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My First (official) CX race!

My first race was the 2nd round of the OVCX series. It had a little bit of everything including some awfully bad luck. All was going well until staging started. I grabbed my front brake for one last check and the cable pulled all the way out. Awesome! I panicked a little and headed back to the car for some emergency surgery. Luckily Fred was there to help. I got the brake fixed and headed back to the start line assuming they waited. I was wrong!! The race was on! I ducked under the caution tape just before the start finish line and the chase was on. I was at least 30 seconds down which really sucked. I quickly made up my mind to chase as hard as hell. I wrecked the very first corner and then again going into the first barrier. I guess it was pretty dramatic and I even took out part of the course. This crashing was not getting me any closer to the race. Luckily Adam Rodkey got my attention and told me to get my head back into it. I calmed down and rode as hard as my body would let me. I got some stragglers pretty much immediately and then set my sights on a group of 6 about 20 seconds ahead. I caught them and decided to go right on by and continue chasing after thinking briefly about staying with them and recovering. That seemed like the pussy thing to do with so many people still in front of me.

photos by my awesome Girlfriend Caitlin, let me know and she will be glad to take some shots of you if you would like. She comes to a lot of races with me.

Thanks to Fred, Ben Weaver, and Rodkey for the encouragement. The bad luck sucked hard but it gave me the opportunity to see just how hard I could push myself. It was awesome. I ended up sixth and now know that without a doubt I can compete with the people who are winning these races (aka Ryan Knapp haha).

And lastly big props to Knapp and Fred Rose for winning their races and a big thumbs down to for leaving off of the results. Coincidence? I think not.

The course was sweet and I am quickly falling in love with this 'cross thing. I am looking forward to the rest of the OVCX series.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Huntington Clusterf&#k

Hi all. I have not posted in a while because I have not been up to anything. Mainly because the road season ended. I did however get a cross bike that I have been spending an inordinate amount of time on. I am going to throw my hat in the ring and do some racing which should be interesting. Here are a couple shots of it. It now has a white stem and I cut the steerer tube.

All of these were taken at the start of what should have been a cool race. However, when something is terribly organized and perhaps too ambitious for its own good the results can be disastrous. For those who do not know the Huntington Challenge is a "road race" that includes road, gravel, grass and singletrack. It started off and I went pretty hard to get things going, while at the same time angering the local old men who pride themselves on winning this pointless charade. One of them said "Its not time to go fast yet!" Sorry but it is always time to go fast. Well we hit the first wooded section and I went to the front and rode hard but within myself. To my surprise (somewhat) I came out of the woods with several minutes in hand. I then did about a 40 mile time trial into headwinds on flat roads while maintaining by advantage. Albers was closing but was on a road bike and I was confident that if he did close the gap I would be able to lose him seeing as the race ended on technical single track. This is where it all unraveled. I hit a grass and wide trail section leading to the single track. Upon crossing a creek I came to a gate with no markings. After stopping and contemplating my options I saw a tiny path to the left and decided to continue around the gate. Awesome work guys, all it would take is about 4 ounces of spray paint. This led me to a gravel road. After about 2 miles of gravel with about 8 miles left of racing I came to an intersection with a course marshal. I paused looked at him and with no indication to the contrary via markings or signaling from this hillbilly continued straight. After a couple miles it became evident that I was no longer on course so I turned around. Knowing I had just lost was the most deflating feeling ever. I went back and this awesome guy says.."My were supposed to go right." You chubby worthless man burn half a calorie, raise your arm and point!! Or I don't know simply say RIGHT?!?!? At this point I just wanted to be done. I hit the singletrack came over a hill and was going down a fast descent when I discovered that someone had crashed and failed to move is bike. I hit it my front wheel stopped and I endo'ed into woods down a hill and into a thorn bush. I was pissed. I crawled back up inspected the rig and was officially shattered. I just wanted to be home. top it all off discovered that the wreck had dislodged my PowerTap head and it was nowhere to be found. Ridiculous!! Then I flatted.....most bad ass day on a bike of all time.
So here are my complaints.
1. If you are going to put on a race, mark it accurately and find volunteers that care or simply do not bother!
- I met the course designer who was not a bike racer or even a rider so therefore had no idea what is and what is not a good idea.
2. please do not promote these catastrophes. I do not want to go to a race and discover it is a clusterf&#k devoid of common sense.

This race should be canceled and never again considered. Seriously what I thought would be fun was terrible. To anyone considering doing this in the future, I beg of you do not waste your time or money.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I raced the crit in Downtown Warsaw last night. It was one of the strangest races I have ever been apart of. Attacks went flying from the gun and with Alderfer having 4,000 guys it was difficult to cover them and keep track of who was up the road. Eventually several guys got up the road and Sherer and I somehow missed the split. Eventually we got clear and started chasing with people constantly getting popped off of the front group. We eventually lapped and joined the other 4 who had lapped. I thought we were going to be like the 9th and 10th people to lap but I was pleasantly surprised when the announcer said that we were 4 and 5 on the road. Once we were all together the rest of the field got out of the way and let us 6 battle it out. It was myself,Leibo, Sherer, Will Nowak (more on that later), Jacobs and Strock from Roadhouse, and someone in blue. The Roadhouse guys traded attacks and I followed hoping me and Jacobs could get clear because I knew I would have a hard time beating Sherer or Nowak in a sprint. It was about 150 yard drag race out of the last of 4 corners, not my kind of finish. It came down to the last lap and I tried attacking on the back stretch but did not quite have the legs to come around the train of Nowak and Sherer. However, I did manage to disrupt their train a little. I dove the last corner really hard to take the inside line and then tried to sprint. However, I could not come around either Sherer or Nowak with Mike winning and Will second. I ended up third...yet another podium. It is not surprising it was Alderfer's home race and they had to win. It was a fun race, with one exception.

Nowak flatted early and was put back in a group that was ahead of the group he was originally in. It is partially the official's fault for not being aware but the lion's share of the blame goes on Will for not speaking up. I know I would not be comfortable being in a group that would eventually lap the field without having actually earned it. But hey if that is the only way you can get up the road then that is just fine. Don't get me wrong Will is super strong and has been riding very well but that was a really lame move. Come on man have some faith in yourself and when you get put back in the race have the decency to speak up and do it the right way. Sherer also had a mechanical and had to take a free lap but was put back in the main field and worked his ass off with me to make our way across. Without him there is no way I would have made it. He is riding awesome with a top 10 at Elk Grove and that sprint that has now thwarted me twice this year. I just get annoyed and wish people would play by the rules and do things the right way. I do not train my ass off so that I can be taken advantage of by cheaters. Step up your game or step aside. Trust me it is much more satisfying to do things the right way.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The new ink

Here is a picture of my new ink...for those of you who have not seen it. Big thanks to Colin @ skinquake for the incredible art work.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Pictures

So my awesome Girlfriend happens to be a great photographer (even though she wont admit it) Here are a couple of my favorite photos she has taken.

Big Crit season

Since getting my upgrade I have done 3 rather large races: The Chicago Crit and the Tour of Elk Grove. I have yet to do a Pro/1 event but they have been learning experiences nonetheless. The legs feel fine in these things I just have trouble maintaining my position. I am just not a big enough ass. I need to be more assertive and take more risks. I will just have to turn the brain off especially in the last couple laps of these things.

The Chicago Crit was a good time racing in Downtown. There is no result to write home about but it was awesome because of the company. She even took some post race photos. Also Caroline made me lunch which was awesome!

Tour of Elk Grove went better. However, I wimped out a little in the final sprint and ended up 30 something. I moved up towards the end but should have fought harder for wheels towards the end. A learning experience for sure.
Sunday was much better. I went for a prime and was caught just before the line. However, there was a split in the field with only 17 guys off the front. ( It later ballooned to 28). I rode aggressively and tried to make another move, since I knew the field would split again. I managed to stay in the money and ended up 21st. I could have played it smarter but would rather fight for it and end up 21st than play it safe and still not come away with a decent result. I am glad I made the split, it was a bit of a confidence boost. I am looking forward to the rest of the year especially the Marion Crit. Summer is winding down and I desperately want to continue to get some results and end the year on a high note.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Upgradde (with 2 D's, for a double dose of pimpin')

Oh by the way, I finally got my 1 upgrade after months of failed attempts. I am excited to finally be able to do the Pro/1 races at the upcoming NRC events such as Tour of Elk Grove, Downers and Marion. Although I am upset that they changed the Marion course and took out the hill. Should still be a good time go. Lets see how I stack up.

Long Overdue Update

Fort Wayne Crit- tag teamed by the Alderfer Boys, still a little bitter. Awesome ride for Mike and Issac though

Tour de Champaign (Day 2)- Was a pretty difficult race. Huff and Mead from Jelly Belly showed up. I missed the race winning move consisting of Schroetlin, a RGF and Jonathan Jacob from Roadhouse. I got up the road with Uberti (RGF) and we miraculously managed to stay away till the end. I ended up 5th. A great day of racing I really had to push seeing as how the legs never seemed to come around.

Next was the much anticipated World Championships of cycling aka The Bloomington Criterium. The pace was fast and furious from the gun. I found myself up the road with a good friend; Jason Fowler. The entire Cutter crew was there cheering, it gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately with some heavy hitters still in the group we were pulled back.

As the race progressed it became evident that it was going to end in a bunch sprint, and I knew the Nuvo boys had the man for the job in Hubbell. I went to the front with a lap and a half to go and rode myself inside out. Coming out of the last corner Hubbell yelled go wide so I obliged and he obliterated everyone easily winning the sprint. I managed to hang on for 3rd which was an unexpected surprise.

sweet picture (check out the Radars)

Podium (Pretty cool being up there with Fowler and Hubbell who has been so supportive of my racing, like the entire Nuvo squad. Thanks guys this summer has been awesome so far!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Proctor Cycling Classic

After working every day last week I decided to skip the festivities at Hyde Park and rest up for the Proctor Cycling Classic on Sunday in Peoria, IL. The race was a 90 minute affair with two very long straights. It was extremely windy. The wind almost took the 404's out. The plan was to do the exact opposite of what I usually do and be patient and not play my hand until the end. However, the IS Corps boys launched attack after attack from the gun. Eventually Kyle Jacobson got a sizable gap. Jeff Schroetlin decided to go after him and I thought he was way too dangerous to let him go up the road. I followed and we immediately got a nice margin and caught Jacobson. We soon dropped him but he was out in the wind for a couple laps before we got to him. Jeff and I continued to roll and opened up an insurmountable lead. Every time the gap started to come down he would go to the front and drill it. The guy is very strong. I have to give props to my Nuvo teammates for riding tempo in the field and covering attacks. Eventually Jeff and I almost lapped the main field which would have been nice seeing as I had teammates that could have helped. However, Jeff did not want to catch and I did not want to bury myself to get up there and have him ride away from me. I led out the last lap and was not sure how I was going to win. He jumped with two corners to go and I could not follow. I had some speed just not enough to overtake him. I finished 2nd again. Just call me Mr. 2nd place or top 5. I have to have faith that the W will come, but it is obviously something I am doing. I need to close one of these out. I keep putting myself in position to win but cannot be the first across the line when it matters the most. I feel awesome and have some legs I just have to get the job done!
Lots of racing coming up though with Superweek, Bloomington Crit, and the Tour D'Burg.

Here is a nice write up from the local Peoria newspaper.

Hopefully some pictures will follow shortly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Race update and a little rant

I will start with the rant to grab some attention

Ok I understand that the Tour de France is the biggest bicycle race in the world and arguably the toughest sporting event ever devised by man. However, last time I checked I lived in the United States, where we happen to speak English and not French. Therefore, I wish to beg race promoters to call the events the Tour OF _________ vs. the Tour de _________. I may just be weird but it really bugs me when people call their race the Tour de ________. And not just one person is guilty. Several race promoters , if not all, are guilty. Here in America....we speak English. I really think that people do not even realize that "de" means of. Just something to think about.

On the other hand I have also been racing. On Saturday I raced the Tour de Olmstead. It was the most fun I have ever had on a race course. With a gradual, twisting, uphill and an awesome technical descent the course at Iroquois Park in Louisville was incredible. The race started normally with the usual attacks. It worked out that I found myself off the front with the always present Kevin Atkisson from Roadhouse and Juan Pablo from the Aerocat team. Our break was very close to being caught. I attacked on the last hill of the course but could not stay away with Atkisson and Juan Pablo dueling it out in the sprint, with Pablo taking the W. I thought I had comfortably taken third only to hear someone yell my name and turn around and see the hard charging peloton. I threw down my mediocre sprint and held on for third. Another nice result but not that coveted "W",it will come though I am confident of that.

The next day was a crit in Richmond. The field was very small and dominated by Roadhouse and the Aerocat professional team. I found myself in a break of nine with 3 of each of the above teams represented. I followed as many moves as I could until the legs gave out. We eventually lapped the field and John Grant of Roadhouse and Emile of Aerocat slipped off of the front. I ended up sixth, another good result. I want to thank Atkisson from Roadhouse and Emile from Aerocat for their advice after the race. I am relatively new at this and any help is greatly appreciated. I am going to keep going and get my "vee" before this season wraps everyone better be on the look out!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Norton Commons and Iowa

Sorry for the delay (I say that like I have readers)

I ventured down to Louisville a couple weeks ago for the Norton Commons Criterium. It was a good field with my Nuvo boys, Roadhouse and Panther all represented. The race started off pretty quick and the attacks started flying. I did my best to remain patient. Went a group of 10 or 11 riders formed off the front I decided that something needed to be done. I went to the front initially to help pull the group back so one of my teammates could get to it. Leibo was in the group but was severely outnumbered and I thought it best to try to get someone else up there to help out our stud. However, after getting to the front I realized that I had rolled off the front of the group and therefore decided to go ahead and bridge the gap which was no easy task, they were moving!

I made my way to the leaders in about a lap and a half and found that it was not a breakaway but a group of 13 riders who constantly attacked one another, this attacking was the only reason we stayed away and eventually almost lapped the field. Leibo and I were severly outnumbered but covered the moves and were riding well. Before I knew it we were on the last lap and it was fast and furious. I was second wheel going into the last two corners. I was trying to cover an attack by John Eisenger who attacked going into the second to last corner and had opened up quite a gap. Going into the last corner I heard a wreck and unfortunately it was Leibo who was sitting behind me. This gapped the field and I was attempting to run down Eisenger who still had 30 yards. I was sprinting as hard as I could and I was gaining fast. As we hit the line Kevin Atkisson from Roadhouse was right there. I had no idea. We all threw our bikes and no one had any idea who had won. After cooling down I discovered that I was second. O so close yet again! They had to go to a photo and even though I was second I think it is still my best ever result and was a nice payday. Here are a couple shots of the finish.

Eisenger took the win, it was so much to be a part of a finish like that!

Iowa was much less exciting and the legs were starting to ask for a needed rest. This is my first season really racing a lot and it is going to take some getting used to so that I can hold onto this form through August.

The long road race on Friday is the only thing worth reporting. I found myself in a break at mile 30 of the 90 mile race. I thought it was pointless and rather dumb until we established quite the gap. Everyone I talked to in the peloton thought we were gone. However, we were caught less that 2 miles from the line and a long day in the saddle was all for not as it turned into a sprinter's paradise. I now understand why people at Le Tour try this suicide missions, I honestly thought it was going to stick. O well I played my card and it didn't work. That's bike racing.

Lastly, I must thank Diamond Dave, Clayton, Vinicky and Tina, for entertaining me through the weekend. I also owe Jon and Kate plus 8 a thanks for being on TV the entire weekend. That show is ridiculous and I do not blame Jon for cheating on that psychotic bitch. All in all it was a fun weekend and I am still searching for that W with some good races coming up!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Race Update!!

Since my last feeble post I have done that bike racing thing a couple more times. The first time being the always fun Traditional Crit at Eagle Creek State Park. I attacked continuously from the gun until it was Chad Birdman ( I dont know how to spell his actual name) and Strock from Roadhouse. The three of us worked really well together until the attacks started flying with 3 laps to go. I was feeling great and covering the moves when with 2 to go I rounded a corner and my rear wheel fell out. The friggin skewer broke and cost me a shot at that illusive w. I managed to hang on for 4th but it was frustrating. To make it worse both Chad and Strock came up and told me that I was riding strong and probably would have taken it down. O well at least it was at an ABR race, but it still sucks when your equipment cost you a race. The most important thing is I am riding strong and feeling great, the W come!

Norton Commons update coming!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Wednesday Worlds

Did Worlds tonight and as expected it was a low turn out. Joe Martin and Collegiate Nationals already took the big guns but the rain did not help. It was immediately Fred and I and after deciding to just ride Mr. Shanahan came flying by trying to break his hr record. He is a machine! It was actually great. My legs felt terrible and sitting behind him was a great way to get some speed without the effort. I pushed it on a couple of climbs and started to feel better. I am doing the Eagle Creek crit on Saturday which should be a good time. I decided not to venture to Arkansas for Joe Martin. After the sickness (as it will now be called) I was not feeling like it would be worth my time and energy if I was not feeling great. It should be a great weekend and the races are coming fast and furious now. I can't wait!

btw "Blacksheep" is a fantastic movie

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny King Criterium and Alabama

I headed down to Alabama on Thursday for a little weekend get away after my last day of undergraduate classes. I came down to visit my friend Curtis and the hospitality has been incredible. I decided to do the Sunny King Criterium, and NRC crit. I did the 2/3 race instead of lining up with the big boys in the pro 1/2 because of the lack of riding this week and the sickness. I stayed up front all day and tried unsuccessfully to establish a break from the gun. When I decided that it was not going to work I sat in for the next 30 minutes and recovered after taking down a preme. With 6 to go I moved up to 3rd and 4th wheel and started covering moves to hold my position. I was feeling great and was 4th going into the second to last corner. Then someone dove the corner in front of me freaked out and locked up his breaks. (you did not need to break for any of the 4 corners) This cost me 15 spots. Then on the last slightly uphill sprint from about 25 deep I decided to sprint anyway. It felt like a great sprint for me at least and I was running people down; however, I ran out of road and crossed in 14th. It was extremely frustrating because I was not sitting in bad position. It was some sketchy kid who still has a lot of learning to do who did not show his face anywhere near the front until 2 corners to go and possibly cost me the race. I know it is bike racing but seriously if you can not corner stay out of the way, he is just lucky he did not cause a pile up. And do not worry I let him know exactly how I felt after the race (along with a couple others).

All in all it has been a great weekend and exactly what I needed. I am heading back to Bloomington and hopefully seeing some fellow grads while I keep on keepin on.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update (for real this time)

I realize it has been almost a year so lets make this quick so I can get to regular posting.

1. I won the Little 500 in 2008 with the Cutters who then became the all time winningest team.
- They just won again for a 3 peat and 10 Overall!!!!
2. I am riding with Nuvo and thanks to all of the guys for all of the help.

Now the posts will be consistent...I promise

I have two races under my belt...a 3rd at Ceraland and a Brutal 5th at the Brown County State Park Road Race. I raced so hard I seized and cramped after doing 10 laps solo. I had to go to the doctor and found out I have rhabdomyolysis. Read here-- This sucks but it should not affect me too much I just need to stay cool and hydrated. I am feeling more fit than I ever have, it is going to be an amazing year.

p.s. I am not letting this shit get to me!! (that was purely for me).