Sunday, August 9, 2009


I raced the crit in Downtown Warsaw last night. It was one of the strangest races I have ever been apart of. Attacks went flying from the gun and with Alderfer having 4,000 guys it was difficult to cover them and keep track of who was up the road. Eventually several guys got up the road and Sherer and I somehow missed the split. Eventually we got clear and started chasing with people constantly getting popped off of the front group. We eventually lapped and joined the other 4 who had lapped. I thought we were going to be like the 9th and 10th people to lap but I was pleasantly surprised when the announcer said that we were 4 and 5 on the road. Once we were all together the rest of the field got out of the way and let us 6 battle it out. It was myself,Leibo, Sherer, Will Nowak (more on that later), Jacobs and Strock from Roadhouse, and someone in blue. The Roadhouse guys traded attacks and I followed hoping me and Jacobs could get clear because I knew I would have a hard time beating Sherer or Nowak in a sprint. It was about 150 yard drag race out of the last of 4 corners, not my kind of finish. It came down to the last lap and I tried attacking on the back stretch but did not quite have the legs to come around the train of Nowak and Sherer. However, I did manage to disrupt their train a little. I dove the last corner really hard to take the inside line and then tried to sprint. However, I could not come around either Sherer or Nowak with Mike winning and Will second. I ended up third...yet another podium. It is not surprising it was Alderfer's home race and they had to win. It was a fun race, with one exception.

Nowak flatted early and was put back in a group that was ahead of the group he was originally in. It is partially the official's fault for not being aware but the lion's share of the blame goes on Will for not speaking up. I know I would not be comfortable being in a group that would eventually lap the field without having actually earned it. But hey if that is the only way you can get up the road then that is just fine. Don't get me wrong Will is super strong and has been riding very well but that was a really lame move. Come on man have some faith in yourself and when you get put back in the race have the decency to speak up and do it the right way. Sherer also had a mechanical and had to take a free lap but was put back in the main field and worked his ass off with me to make our way across. Without him there is no way I would have made it. He is riding awesome with a top 10 at Elk Grove and that sprint that has now thwarted me twice this year. I just get annoyed and wish people would play by the rules and do things the right way. I do not train my ass off so that I can be taken advantage of by cheaters. Step up your game or step aside. Trust me it is much more satisfying to do things the right way.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The new ink

Here is a picture of my new ink...for those of you who have not seen it. Big thanks to Colin @ skinquake for the incredible art work.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Pictures

So my awesome Girlfriend happens to be a great photographer (even though she wont admit it) Here are a couple of my favorite photos she has taken.

Big Crit season

Since getting my upgrade I have done 3 rather large races: The Chicago Crit and the Tour of Elk Grove. I have yet to do a Pro/1 event but they have been learning experiences nonetheless. The legs feel fine in these things I just have trouble maintaining my position. I am just not a big enough ass. I need to be more assertive and take more risks. I will just have to turn the brain off especially in the last couple laps of these things.

The Chicago Crit was a good time racing in Downtown. There is no result to write home about but it was awesome because of the company. She even took some post race photos. Also Caroline made me lunch which was awesome!

Tour of Elk Grove went better. However, I wimped out a little in the final sprint and ended up 30 something. I moved up towards the end but should have fought harder for wheels towards the end. A learning experience for sure.
Sunday was much better. I went for a prime and was caught just before the line. However, there was a split in the field with only 17 guys off the front. ( It later ballooned to 28). I rode aggressively and tried to make another move, since I knew the field would split again. I managed to stay in the money and ended up 21st. I could have played it smarter but would rather fight for it and end up 21st than play it safe and still not come away with a decent result. I am glad I made the split, it was a bit of a confidence boost. I am looking forward to the rest of the year especially the Marion Crit. Summer is winding down and I desperately want to continue to get some results and end the year on a high note.