Monday, December 10, 2007

Finals suck!

Just got done with final #3 and need to shut the brain down for a while. 2 more on Thursday and then off to Florida for some warmer weather and sweet training. The weather has been absolutely miserable here in B-town for going on a week now, 30 something and raining daily. Makes it tough to stay motivated, but #9 is not going to come without sacrifice and brutal days in the saddle. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? Florida should be the shit, with temps in the 60's and 70's
should be able to get some pretty epic rides in and finally suffer a little bit.

...on a side note: Some shitty old man in a gas guzzling, global warm contributing piece of shit diesel decided to run me off the road on the way home from my last final which was just what I needed. I am not sure why motorists have to be such impatient, ignorant low lifes but it just goes to prove a point of how miserable people can be with their lives.Seriously, get pissed at something that is at least worthwhile. If you really cannot wait for a couple of seconds to go around or just give a cyclist some room then you really are worthless. I hope at some point I can be as angry and miserable as some of these ford-pickup driving rednecks that call Bloomington home. I love how they can be tough SOB's from within their massive truck...maybe one day they won't be so ball-less and they will stop and get out so that I can give them a clothesline at 25 mph. We live in a beautiful world and I love it.

....well that was my rant, I hope you enjoyed and if not thats good too. Keep training and stay warm!