Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hopefully a sign of things to come!

I ventured up to do the final installment of the Marian University Indoor TT series on Sunday. My heat was at 9 a.m. so I was up very early. I got there and started warming up and felt pretty terrible. The legs did not want to be awake yet and certainly did not want to do a TT effort. However, my the time the countdown had started they were feeling decent. Once the TT started I made a decision to really go after the hills on the rolling 6.2 mile course. It paid off. However, by "resting" on the downhills I managed to recover but could have lost valuable time. (more on that in a sec). I was in the lead for most of my heat but was not aware that I was putting down that good of a time until near the end. Long story short I missed out on the best time of the series by less than a second!!! Damn, but at least it is held my friend and training partner Ryan "Dr. Steelhammer" Shanahan.His best time is 14:27.5. My time was 14.28.49 for an average of 384 watts. I felt great but should have went deeper into the pain cave. There is definitely an art to riding a good TT on a computrainer and I would definitely love another crack at it! O well next year. Time to focus on the upcoming road season. I have a good feeling about it and am more fit than I have ever been. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come and not a one time performance. Well gotta go log some more hours in the wattage cottage so I can venture further into the pain cave! Thanks for reading and a bigger thanks to Zipp and Marian University for putting on a cool event. See you on the road!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Update

It has been a while since my last update for no reason other than the fact that there is nothing exciting to report on. After the cross season I took a much needed break before hitting the pavement to get ready for the road season. Unfortunately I have been spending more time on the terrbile trainer than actually riding outdoors due to the cold temps and limited hours of daylight. All in all though it has not been to bad. Hubbell has hooked me up with an awesome training plan that I am confident will have me ready to tear up the 2010 road season. I am very excited for the upcoming season. We have assembled quite the squad at NUVO. I love riding with all the guys and I expect big things. Can not wait to get started. See everyone on the road!

More importantly the Superbowl is this weekend....GO HORSE! I am also planning on venturing up to Marian for the last indoor TT (hopefully I can go deep in the pain cave!)