Monday, September 20, 2010

Its CROSS Season!!

Apologies for not posting anything for a while. I ended the road season on a so-so note with a "solid" 9th at the Indy Crit. Since then I have been preparing for the cross season! There have been some awesome developments. I am fortunate enough to be representing for the season and could not be more excited. Check it out it's the best race registration website out there. The season has not gotten off to the smoothest start with a DNF at Huber Apple Cross and a not as good as expected opening weekend at Kings Cross.
Day 1 at Kings Cross I ran over a bike and flatted my front tire when 2nd wheel went down on an off camber section. I had to ride 1/2 lap on a flat front before I could get to the pit. I ended up back in 13th but put my head down and chased to end up a respectable 5th.
Day 2 was the first race of 15 in the OVCX Series presented by Zipp and BikeReg. Unlike my previous 2 attempts I got a decent start and was 4th or 5th going onto the cross and was second shortly thereafter. I took the lead when the leader crashed and tried opening it up. I was struggling with allergies and breathing and was not feeling like myself. However, I managed to shake everyone except for Josh Johnson (the eventual winner). I bobbled with a lap and a half to go and he never looked back. Congrats to him. He rode a great race. I ended up 2nd. It was nice to get an incident free race under my belt. It is going to be a great season and I am hoping to step onto the top step of as many podiums and possible.

Next up is the USGP in Madison, WI this weekend. It will be my first UCI race, I am stoked.

Pics from this weekend from my beautiful fiance, Caitlin Coar!