Sunday, May 31, 2009

Norton Commons and Iowa

Sorry for the delay (I say that like I have readers)

I ventured down to Louisville a couple weeks ago for the Norton Commons Criterium. It was a good field with my Nuvo boys, Roadhouse and Panther all represented. The race started off pretty quick and the attacks started flying. I did my best to remain patient. Went a group of 10 or 11 riders formed off the front I decided that something needed to be done. I went to the front initially to help pull the group back so one of my teammates could get to it. Leibo was in the group but was severely outnumbered and I thought it best to try to get someone else up there to help out our stud. However, after getting to the front I realized that I had rolled off the front of the group and therefore decided to go ahead and bridge the gap which was no easy task, they were moving!

I made my way to the leaders in about a lap and a half and found that it was not a breakaway but a group of 13 riders who constantly attacked one another, this attacking was the only reason we stayed away and eventually almost lapped the field. Leibo and I were severly outnumbered but covered the moves and were riding well. Before I knew it we were on the last lap and it was fast and furious. I was second wheel going into the last two corners. I was trying to cover an attack by John Eisenger who attacked going into the second to last corner and had opened up quite a gap. Going into the last corner I heard a wreck and unfortunately it was Leibo who was sitting behind me. This gapped the field and I was attempting to run down Eisenger who still had 30 yards. I was sprinting as hard as I could and I was gaining fast. As we hit the line Kevin Atkisson from Roadhouse was right there. I had no idea. We all threw our bikes and no one had any idea who had won. After cooling down I discovered that I was second. O so close yet again! They had to go to a photo and even though I was second I think it is still my best ever result and was a nice payday. Here are a couple shots of the finish.

Eisenger took the win, it was so much to be a part of a finish like that!

Iowa was much less exciting and the legs were starting to ask for a needed rest. This is my first season really racing a lot and it is going to take some getting used to so that I can hold onto this form through August.

The long road race on Friday is the only thing worth reporting. I found myself in a break at mile 30 of the 90 mile race. I thought it was pointless and rather dumb until we established quite the gap. Everyone I talked to in the peloton thought we were gone. However, we were caught less that 2 miles from the line and a long day in the saddle was all for not as it turned into a sprinter's paradise. I now understand why people at Le Tour try this suicide missions, I honestly thought it was going to stick. O well I played my card and it didn't work. That's bike racing.

Lastly, I must thank Diamond Dave, Clayton, Vinicky and Tina, for entertaining me through the weekend. I also owe Jon and Kate plus 8 a thanks for being on TV the entire weekend. That show is ridiculous and I do not blame Jon for cheating on that psychotic bitch. All in all it was a fun weekend and I am still searching for that W with some good races coming up!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Race Update!!

Since my last feeble post I have done that bike racing thing a couple more times. The first time being the always fun Traditional Crit at Eagle Creek State Park. I attacked continuously from the gun until it was Chad Birdman ( I dont know how to spell his actual name) and Strock from Roadhouse. The three of us worked really well together until the attacks started flying with 3 laps to go. I was feeling great and covering the moves when with 2 to go I rounded a corner and my rear wheel fell out. The friggin skewer broke and cost me a shot at that illusive w. I managed to hang on for 4th but it was frustrating. To make it worse both Chad and Strock came up and told me that I was riding strong and probably would have taken it down. O well at least it was at an ABR race, but it still sucks when your equipment cost you a race. The most important thing is I am riding strong and feeling great, the W come!

Norton Commons update coming!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Wednesday Worlds

Did Worlds tonight and as expected it was a low turn out. Joe Martin and Collegiate Nationals already took the big guns but the rain did not help. It was immediately Fred and I and after deciding to just ride Mr. Shanahan came flying by trying to break his hr record. He is a machine! It was actually great. My legs felt terrible and sitting behind him was a great way to get some speed without the effort. I pushed it on a couple of climbs and started to feel better. I am doing the Eagle Creek crit on Saturday which should be a good time. I decided not to venture to Arkansas for Joe Martin. After the sickness (as it will now be called) I was not feeling like it would be worth my time and energy if I was not feeling great. It should be a great weekend and the races are coming fast and furious now. I can't wait!

btw "Blacksheep" is a fantastic movie

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny King Criterium and Alabama

I headed down to Alabama on Thursday for a little weekend get away after my last day of undergraduate classes. I came down to visit my friend Curtis and the hospitality has been incredible. I decided to do the Sunny King Criterium, and NRC crit. I did the 2/3 race instead of lining up with the big boys in the pro 1/2 because of the lack of riding this week and the sickness. I stayed up front all day and tried unsuccessfully to establish a break from the gun. When I decided that it was not going to work I sat in for the next 30 minutes and recovered after taking down a preme. With 6 to go I moved up to 3rd and 4th wheel and started covering moves to hold my position. I was feeling great and was 4th going into the second to last corner. Then someone dove the corner in front of me freaked out and locked up his breaks. (you did not need to break for any of the 4 corners) This cost me 15 spots. Then on the last slightly uphill sprint from about 25 deep I decided to sprint anyway. It felt like a great sprint for me at least and I was running people down; however, I ran out of road and crossed in 14th. It was extremely frustrating because I was not sitting in bad position. It was some sketchy kid who still has a lot of learning to do who did not show his face anywhere near the front until 2 corners to go and possibly cost me the race. I know it is bike racing but seriously if you can not corner stay out of the way, he is just lucky he did not cause a pile up. And do not worry I let him know exactly how I felt after the race (along with a couple others).

All in all it has been a great weekend and exactly what I needed. I am heading back to Bloomington and hopefully seeing some fellow grads while I keep on keepin on.