Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joe Martin

I realize it has been a while since my last post so here is a very brief recap of what has been happening.

I was 15th at Hillsboro, a little disappointing but I am proud of how I rode.
Cutters won Little 5...again. 4-PEAT!

I ventured to Winona Lake last weekend for a road race and a crit. I found myself up the road with 2 laps to go in the road race with Chris "I'm winning everything" Uberti and Will Nowak. Thankfully Chris beat Will who sat on our wheels for 15 miles to take the W. I was trashed and rolled in 3rd.

The crit on Sunday was wet which made it that much more technical. The break went in the first corner. I bridged and lapped the field with Sherer, Knapp, Puffer and Eisinger. Puffer ended up with the win and I rolled in 4th after narrowly avoiding a last corner pile up.

Now the reason for the post. I just arrived in Arkansas with Sherer and my official photog Caitlin. We got lucky and are set up in a beautiful home. I am so thankful to people who open their homes to strange men with shaven legs. It makes the trip so much more enjoyable. I am going to try and update this after every stage. Check it out here or go to where it is linked.

I am excited for the TT tomorrow. If I have some good legs I am confident that I can pull off a good ride. 8.5 minutes uphill is right up my alley!!

I will check in tomorrow thanks for reading.